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Develop a simple News Search Android app with Kotlin & NewsApi

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NewsApi.org provides a simple and easy way to fetch news headlines for different topics and sources with its REST api. To fetch news from them, you just need to sign up for a free developer account and get an API key. All you need to do is make a simple […]

Published: July 22, 2020   

Changing this blog into a programming blog, it’ll be about swift, kotlin, react-native & more

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Initially, this blog was intended to record some of my game development progresses. But due to some changes in the past couple of months, I’ve now switched to focus more on developing a number of iOS & Android mobile apps that involve several service platforms; as one of my passion […]

Published: September 25, 2019   

What’s it about?

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Hi! I’m Christopher Chee, an independent iOS app developer, who has ever worked on several other mobile apps before. Lately, I’ve got interested in developing games.

Published: April 5, 2019   
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