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How to build a simple image picker with SwiftUI using UIViewRepresentable

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5 min read SwiftUI, does not have a native component for directly accessing the photo library or camera. The way to do it with SwiftUI is to use UIViewRepresentable — a SwiftUI protocol that acts as a bridge, allowing us to integrate UIKit’s robust components seamlessly into SwiftUI views. One of our previous tutorial of building a PDF […]

Posted on 05 Jan 24  

How to build a simple AI text to image iOS app with Stable Diffusion, Python and SwiftUI

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4 min read Stable Diffusion offers a way to generate image from text using AI or machine learning. The SDK is available only in Python at the time of this writing.

Posted on 09 Jan 23  

Convert SwiftUI view to an image, save or share it

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3 min read The iOS 16 has introduced a way to convert your SwiftUI views to image. Let’s look at how it can be done. ImageRenderer is a new class introduced in iOS 16 for SwiftUI, which you can easily generate an image for your SwiftUI view in just a few lines of code as below:

Posted on 06 Jan 23  

Jumpstart to Rust from a background of Swift, PHP, Java….

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3 min read Recently, I’ve got some interest to explore the Blockchain database which I’d need to write some smart contracts by the use of Rust programming language. As someone with a background of a number of programming languages such as Swift, PHP, JS & Java etc, I’ll tend to compare a new programming language that I’m going […]

Posted on 28 Aug 21  

Scheduling local notification the MVVM way in SwiftUI

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6 min read In the previous tutorial, we’ve shown you how we can send, receive and handle local notifications with SwiftUI and now we are going to look at a practical example to build a simple app to schedule notification by using the MVVM design approach.

Posted on 15 Mar 21  

Handling local notification in SwiftUI

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8 min read There are two types of notifications in iOS app, the local and remote notifications. The local notification is a handy way for you to send notifications right away from the app to the users without having to do it from the server side.

Posted on 11 Mar 21  

Build a PDF composer app with PDFKit – the SwiftUI and MVVM way

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10 min read PDFKit is the framework by Apple that you need to display and manipulate PDF files in your app. PDF is useful so we can generate files that cannot be modified and shared or sent to others. This is especially useful for apps that need to generate receipts, bills, invoices or any other confidential or important […]

Posted on 27 Feb 21  

Useful extension functions to decode Json from Bundle and remote URL with SwiftUI examples

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5 min read Here are two useful extension functions for decoding Json data into structs or objects of any type. The first one is an extension function of Bundle for decoding any JSON file stored in your local bundle. The second one is an extension function of URLSession for decoding any JSON data from remote URL.

Posted on 04 Jan 21  

JSON parsing and examples of creating views in loop with SwiftUI

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4 min read Most of our apps need to deal with JSON parsing these days. Especially when your apps need to load data from REST API which provides data in the form of JSON. With SwiftUI, the use of ForEach and List that allow the creation of views in a loop with ease, making it better to have […]

Posted on 02 Jan 21  

A first look at SwiftUI stacks, VStack, HStack, ZStack and build some combined views

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3 min read SwiftUI is the new way of designing and developing your UIs which has been introduced by Apple since iOS 13. It’s a new framework which allows you to write less code when developing the user interfaces of your iOS apps.

Posted on 06 Dec 20  
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