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I’m Christopher K Y Chee, who’s been leading teams and developing software applications with a number of programming languages including JSP, PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Vue JS for the web applications and Objective C, Swift, Java & Kotlin for the native mobile applications.

This blog is where I’d like to share my explorations of software technologies or programming languages that are new to me. And with my experiences in software development, programming and problem solving, and I’d like to share them as simple tutorials or tips of new technologies and programming languages that I’ve learned or explored.

Python is a programming language that is designed for not only programmers or software developers. Its relatively simple syntax is meant for everyone to pick up with ease. Although, I’ve been developing in a number of programming languages but Python is still new to me. Therefore, Python is one of the programming languages and topics being explored and covered in this blog.

SwiftUI – as the new framework for the ease and fast development of user interface for iOS and macOS apps is also one that I’d like to explore more here.

A few of DevPost hackathons that I’ve taken part:

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