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How to build a simple AI text to image iOS app with Stable Diffusion, Python and SwiftUI

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4 min read Stable Diffusion offers a way to generate image from text using AI or machine learning. The SDK is available only in Python at the time of this writing.

Posted on 09 Jan 23  

How to convert video to gif with Python

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2 min read It’s often that I need to convert videos of screen recordings to GIFs, while authoring this blog. Therefore, I’d like to explore how to convert video to gif with Python. Python comes with lots of libraries. To convert video to gif, the MoviePy simply comes in handy, which you can have it done in just […]

Posted on 17 Dec 20  

How to work with threads in Python

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2 min read Thread lets different parts of program run concurrently. Usually when you have a part of execution in your program that takes longer than usual to run, it’s better let it run in a thread without blocking the main program to handle the user’s interactions or other executions etc.

Posted on 14 Dec 20  

Develop GUI application with Python Tkinter

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3 min read There are at least two reasons that you should develop GUI-based application with Python. GUI applications developed with Python are cross-platform, which you can run them on Mac, Linux and Windows and Python is easy to learn with much simpler syntax than any other programming languages.

Posted on 05 Dec 20  

Create charts and graphs using Python Matplotlib

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3 min read Python has an awesome library known as Matplotlib, which you can use to create all sort of graphs and charts by simply a few lines of code.

Posted on 03 Dec 20  
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