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Creating views in a loop with ForEach, Identifiable and List in SwiftUI

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2 min read In SwiftUI, you cannot use a control flow statement within a ViewBuilder closure. For example, you need to loop over a collection of data and create views accordingly. The screenshot below shows that a typical for loop in swift code is used but your Xcode will show you error as below.

Posted on 27 Dec 20  

List and ScrollView in SwiftUI

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3 min read In UIKit, we use UITableView to display a single-column, vertical and scrollable rows of contents and UIScrollView to display contents that will not fit entirely on the screen, which then allows them to be scrollable either horizontally and vertically.

Posted on 21 Dec 20  

How to convert video to gif with Python

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2 min read It’s often that I need to convert videos of screen recordings to GIFs, while authoring this blog. Therefore, I’d like to explore how to convert video to gif with Python. Python comes with lots of libraries. To convert video to gif, the MoviePy simply comes in handy, which you can have it done in just […]

Posted on 17 Dec 20  

How to work with threads in Python

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2 min read Thread lets different parts of program run concurrently. Usually when you have a part of execution in your program that takes longer than usual to run, it’s better let it run in a thread without blocking the main program to handle the user’s interactions or other executions etc.

Posted on 14 Dec 20  

How to create a custom popup view with SwiftUI

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3 min read There are a number of situations that your iOS app needs to present the users with custom popup views. For example a popup view with choices of selection (without the need to navigate to another view or view controller) or a popup view that shows some important information to alert the users.

Posted on 13 Dec 20  

A first look at SwiftUI stacks, VStack, HStack, ZStack and build some combined views

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3 min read SwiftUI is the new way of designing and developing your UIs which has been introduced by Apple since iOS 13. It’s a new framework which allows you to write less code when developing the user interfaces of your iOS apps.

Posted on 06 Dec 20  

Develop GUI application with Python Tkinter

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3 min read There are at least two reasons that you should develop GUI-based application with Python. GUI applications developed with Python are cross-platform, which you can run them on Mac, Linux and Windows and Python is easy to learn with much simpler syntax than any other programming languages.

Posted on 05 Dec 20  

Create charts and graphs using Python Matplotlib

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3 min read Python has an awesome library known as Matplotlib, which you can use to create all sort of graphs and charts by simply a few lines of code.

Posted on 03 Dec 20  

Develop a simple News Search Android app with Kotlin & NewsApi

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8 min read NewsApi.org provides a simple and easy way to fetch news headlines for different topics and sources with its REST api. To fetch news from them, you just need to sign up for a free developer account and get an API key. All you need to do is make a simple HTTP request by providing the […]

Posted on 22 Jul 20  

Changing this blog into a programming blog, it’ll be about swift, kotlin, react-native & more

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2 min read Initially, this blog was intended to record some of my game development progresses. But due to some changes in the past couple of months, I’ve now switched to focus more on developing a number of iOS & Android mobile apps that involve several service platforms; as one of my passion projects. And what I’m doing […]

Posted on 25 Sep 19  
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