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How to create custom View modifiers for better code reusability in SwiftUI

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5 min read SwiftUI View comes with a range of built-in modifiers, such as background(), frame(), cornerRadius(), shadow() etc, which allow you to change the view from its original appearance or behaviour. Besides the built-in modifiers, you can also create your own custom modifiers.

Posted on 17 Jan 21  

How to use function that returns some View to increase SwiftUI code readability

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3 min read To have better readability for my SwiftUI code, I’ll always move some complex parts in my SwiftUI code to some dedicated functions. Especially those parts that need to display different views on different conditions.

Posted on 11 Jan 21  

Push and pop screens with NavigationView in SwiftUI

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4 min read In iOS development, we always have our apps designed in a way letting users to navigate between screens. Such as in the UIKit, a UINavigationController is used to push to another ViewController and pop back from it.

Posted on 10 Jan 21  

Useful extension functions to decode Json from Bundle and remote URL with SwiftUI examples

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5 min read Here are two useful extension functions for decoding Json data into structs or objects of any type. The first one is an extension function of Bundle for decoding any JSON file stored in your local bundle. The second one is an extension function of URLSession for decoding any JSON data from remote URL.

Posted on 04 Jan 21  

JSON parsing and examples of creating views in loop with SwiftUI

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4 min read Most of our apps need to deal with JSON parsing these days. Especially when your apps need to load data from REST API which provides data in the form of JSON. With SwiftUI, the use of ForEach and List that allow the creation of views in a loop with ease, making it better to have […]

Posted on 02 Jan 21  

Creating views in a loop with ForEach, Identifiable and List in SwiftUI

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2 min read In SwiftUI, you cannot use a control flow statement within a ViewBuilder closure. For example, you need to loop over a collection of data and create views accordingly. The screenshot below shows that a typical for loop in swift code is used but your Xcode will show you error as below.

Posted on 27 Dec 20  

List and ScrollView in SwiftUI

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3 min read In UIKit, we use UITableView to display a single-column, vertical and scrollable rows of contents and UIScrollView to display contents that will not fit entirely on the screen, which then allows them to be scrollable either horizontally and vertically.

Posted on 21 Dec 20  

How to create a custom popup view with SwiftUI

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3 min read There are a number of situations that your iOS app needs to present the users with custom popup views. For example a popup view with choices of selection (without the need to navigate to another view or view controller) or a popup view that shows some important information to alert the users.

Posted on 13 Dec 20  

A first look at SwiftUI stacks, VStack, HStack, ZStack and build some combined views

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3 min read SwiftUI is the new way of designing and developing your UIs which has been introduced by Apple since iOS 13. It’s a new framework which allows you to write less code when developing the user interfaces of your iOS apps.

Posted on 06 Dec 20  
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